I'm JoAnn, the one behind the camera. I'm 22 years old and live out in the country in the tiny town I grew up in that only has one traffic light. When I'm not out photographing, you'll probably find me cooking up a good meal with my fiancé (or trying to anyway, I'm not much help), playing guitar, or hidden somewhere in an antique store or thrift shop. I have a pet hedgehog that's super grumpy and poops on people, but he's cute so you learn to look past it. I'm obsessed with my dogs and I would own five hundred if I could. (YES that means please bring your pups to you session). I've watched The Office all the way through a million times and can pretty much recite every word. 

I'm engaged to an amazing chef, a devoted Christian, and my very best friend on the face of the planet. I can't wait to grow old together, but we're basically an old couple already. We're homebodies who would rather spend our off days laying on the couch, listening to vinyl records, and drinking wine instead of going out. No shame.

My photography journey started when I was tiny. I've ALWAYS had a camera in my hand, even before I could talk. We still have floppy discs (when's the last time you've seen one of those??) with random pictures of stuff around the house that I took on a Sony Mavica (ancient tech, ha). I practiced my photography on dogs, flowers, bugs, just anything in the backyard. And I took pictures of EVERYTHING. Looking back now, I'm so glad that I did because even the things that seemed pointless back then are the things I'm so glad I have pictures of from my childhood now. I got a nice camera for my high school graduation gift, and that fall is when I really took my dive into portrait photography, and it's been a crazy fun ride ever since!

I took a leap of faith and walked out of college early to pursue my passion. God gave me this amazing career that at times doesn't even feel like work at all, and I am so incredibly blessed!

My photography now is kinda the same as it was when I was younger. I take pictures of everything, even the things that seem insignificant. So if you see me taking a picture of your hands on your wedding day, or the way your groom signed his letter to you, or your mom in her pajamas helping set up the decorations that morning before she's had a chance to get ready, and you think, "ummm, why is she taking a picture of that?" just know that looking back through your photos fifty years from now, you'll appreciate the little details and memories that otherwise would've been forgotten had it not been captured. Because I'm here to not only capture the beautiful stuff, but the silly, unposed, candid, real stuff too. It's little snippets of random memories that when put together, make an entire story. That's why photography is so dang cool to me.

Not every photo has to be "picture perfect." Imperfections exist in real life, so why pretend like they don't in pictures? The belly laughs, the hair blowing in the wind, the smirks, side glances, goofy faces are all what make you you. So expect all of those pictures to be included in your gallery too! Life is messy and fun, and I love being able to capture that. Photography is not about pretending to be something you're not, it's about capturing who you really are.

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